Workplace Safety & Screening

As people start returning to the workplace it is reassuring to know that there is a supplier of high-quality health and safety products at reasonable prices.

The Covid 19 global pandemic has led to a worldwide shortage of many traditional screening products including polycarbonate and clear acrylic as the demand for screens has increased.

Fortunately, over the last 45+ years we have entered into partnerships with many suppliers meaning that we can source products from different areas.

Therefore, we have put together a comprehensive range of screening and sanitary products with accurate lead-times to assist you in protecting your workforce and customers.

From cough and sneeze guards, masks, sanitising gel dispensers to mobile screens for partitioning larger areas, with our large stocks and supplier base we can offer solutions quickly and economically.

We still offer a range of bespoke screening solutions made to order, but as the demand for materials is at it’s peak, some lead-times are longer. Please see our plastics page for details of what we offer.

Official Government advice can be found here.

Workplace Safety

Click on the images below for more information on each product and current availability.

PVC Sneeze/Cough Screens.
1mm PVC encased in either a white or brown aluminium frame. Available in two options. Can be ceiling hung or screwed to a desk or workbench.
Availability 5 – 7 days.
Protector Acrylic Cough/Sneeze Screen
Ideal for reception areas, shops, or general office environments, these 5mm clear acrylic screens are available in 3 different sizes.
Available Now.
Protector Ceiling Mounted Sneeze Guard
3mm Acrylic means these lightweight Sneeze Guards can be easily suspended from the ceiling using the supplied plastic chain.
Available Now.
Protector 2 Cough Screen
5mm Acrylic dividers for offices, shops, retail premises, restaurants and bars.
Availability 2 Weeks.
Freestanding Desk Cough Screen 
Framed for rigidity, these screens are the ideal solution to many screening needs. Made from 3mm clear Acrylic.
Availability 7 – 10 Days.
Freestanding 3 Sided Desk Cough Screen
This screen features additional side panels to provide side-on protection for the user.
Availability 7 – 10 Days.
Protector Mobile Screen
These 1200mm wide x 1800mm high mobile screens, mounted on castors are ideal for segregation of larger areas for improved workplace safety.
Availability 7 – 10 Days.
Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
This strong powder coated metal hand sanitiser dispenser is ideal for every workplace. Each 5 Kg pack of gel (Not Included) provides up to 5,000 doses.
Availability 3-5 Days as image, 7-10 Days, Branded.
CE 2777 Disposable Face Shield
The lightweight solution for reducing exposure to fluids or blood. The shields feature anti-fogging and can be worn with glasses.
Availability 2 – 3 days.
Hygiene Stands and Mask Dispensers
We supply two options allowing for the distribution of face masks and/or gloves combined with a location for hand sanitiser.
Availability 7 – 10 Days.
Information Boards and Stands 
Our range of information boards and stands can be customised to be specific to your workplace, providing clear instructions.
Availability 7 – 10 Days.
Protector 6′ x 6′ Portable Separation Screen
Our lightweight 6′ x 6′ Separation screen proves to be a very popular choice due to its ease of assembly with its “Click-Lock” system.
2 Days, Red or Green, 7 – 10 Days Clear.
Protector 100 & 200 Portable Separation Screens
Whether you require the entry level Protector 100 or the heavier duty Protector 200, you can have confidence that they can assist in segregating the workplace as people return to work.
2 Days, Red or Green, 7 – 10 Days Clear.
Protector 300 Portable Separation Screen
The larger Protector 300 screen at 2065mm wide provides increased protection for larger areas and the increased frame diameter adds stability.
2 Days, Red or Green, 7 – 10 Days Clear.
Protector 400 Portable Separation Screen
Mounted on castors with two lockable wheels means this top of the range screen is the preferred choice for busy workplaces such as factory floors and manufacturing facilities.
2 Days, Red or Green, 7 – 10 Days Clear.
Protector 500 Portable Separation Screen
The two pivoting arms on the Protector 500 allow you to create a 3-sided area for enhanced employee protection. When extended the screen measures an impressive 4115mm wide x 1900mm high.
2 Days, Red or Green, 7 – 10 Days Clear.
N.B. Delivery time is quoted in good faith, but due to unprecedented demand, lead-times may vary.

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