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Industrial PVC Curtains

PVC curtains are one of the most economical and efficient solutions to retain warmth or cold, and to prevent entry by birds and insects, while still allowing safe passage for pedestrians and motor-vehicles.

Individual PVC curtains overlap each other to form a sheet that will cover any size opening yet still be accessible to any vehicle or pedestrian.

They are very simple to install and we now offer sliding options to allow for easier access. N.B. The sliding curtains slide in metre sections clear of the opening. Munsch & Co/PTM carry a large range of PVC Curtains and components required to make up doors or partitions. Full details and online shop are available on our dedicated website www.pvc-curtains.com.

They have many benefits including:

– Retaining warmth, or cool air
– Increasing workplace safety
– Reducing or sustaining noise levels
– Clear so they will allow natural light to go through
– Keeping birds and insects out

We supply clear PVC from 1mm to 4mm thick, in widths from 100mm to 400mm. We also offer ribbed PVC in our 200, 300 and 400mm widths, which are great for reducing scratches from fork lift trucks or vehicles. The wider, thicker grades are generally used for high usage areas and large openings, whereas the narrower, thinner gauges are more suited to pedestrian areas. We can also supply high visibility red or day-glow edge strips to warn FLT drivers.

As the curtains are relatively simple to fit. We generally supply them pre-cut to length with the hanging plates affixed for our hook-on system or holes pre-punched for the bolt-on system. However for more complicated requirements we offer a full nationwide fitting service.

In addition to our clear PVC we offer a number of other options including anti-static, colours, red, blue, black, orange, anti-insect yellow, anti-microbial, perforated (to allow air through) freezer & chiller and welding grades.


We supply several types of crash doors to provide a low maintenance answer to reducing energy waste that can occur, without affecting speed of movement through these openings.

Our flexible crash doors provide excellent value for money in a range of commercial environments, including supermarkets, industrial warehouses, hospitals, clean-rooms and food prep areas.

We offer 3 styles of door, single panel comprising of either 5mm or 7mm clear PVC panels, double-panel with a clear top half allowing good visibility, supported by an opaque bottom half, available in either black or grey. The tri-panel design is made up of three separate sheets. A clear vision panel is placed in the middle, sandwiched between either opaque black or grey PVC.

All doors comprise of a heavy duty base plate and an extruded aluminium frame – mill finish, but can be powder coated upon request.

As with our PVC strip curtains, we offer a full nationwide installation service for the crash doors.



We are pleased to announce that we are now offering PVC Strip Door Kits on a same day/next day despatch for when you need a curtain in a rush.

These kits come complete with the relevant number of PVC strips complete with stainless steel hanging plates, the hanging rail, screws, rawl-plugs and fitting instructions.

Unlike some other companies offering made up kits, ours are made up the same day/next day to ensure the strips of PVC don’t roll inwards as, over time, if PVC is rolled tightly it will go concave.

Visit our PVC strip door kits page to view our range.

Click here to visit our dedicated PVC site for details on our full range of PVC, online quotations and ordering, crash doors and other insect screening products.


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