Protector Disposable Face Visor

Disposable Face Shields Disposable Face Shields
Our Protector Disposable Face Shields provide lightweight splash and anti-fog protection where exposure to blood and/or body fluids is possible. They can be worn with or without glasses and are made with a breathable foam headband which increases airflow and is comfortable to wear. These are also suitable for use in other areas to protect the face and eyes from splashes caused by chemicals, adhesives, or paint in vehicle spray shops.
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Features and benefits
    • Supplied in accordance with our ISO 9001 Quality Management System
    • Protects the face from splashes and sprays
    • The elasticated headband means a comfortable fit for most head sizes
    • Full peripheral vision through the optically clear visor
    • Can be worn with glasses
    • Lightweight and comfortable for long-term wear
    • CE 2777 / (EU) 2016/425
    • Area to identify the wearer to others
    • Film remains clear in use
    • Disposable face shields are suitable for use in a wide variety of environments
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