Gylon Gaskets

As an Approved Distributor of Garlock materials, our range of Gylon gaskets & sheeting is one of the most comprehensive in the UK.

We carry practically all styles of Gylon® in a wide range of thicknesses.

Our Gylon gaskets and sheet are supplied to industries throughout the UK, Europe and even as far as Australia.

The unique properties of Garlock’s Gylon range make it the preferred choice of material for a broad spectrum of industries, from chemical manufacturing, food processing, and pharmaceutical applications.

Garlock is the global leader in PTFE based materials and our solutions are customised to your exact specifications, meaning that they comply with the most stringent regulations.

Garlock Approved Distributor

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    What is Gylon®?

    • Gylon® is a range of restructured PTFE gasketing materials which have excellent chemical resistance, and significantly reduce creep relaxation problems often experienced with conventional PTFE.
    • Garlock’s Gylon® gasketing is a family of harsh service PTFE gasketing materials manufactured using a proprietary process that imparts unique physical properties, that are not attainable through conventional manufacturing methods.

    What are the advantages of Gylon®?

    • Gylon’s state-of-the-art manufacturing process reorients the PTFE and fillers in a way that increases the material’s tensile properties and decreases the creep relaxation problems that commonly afflict PTFE products.
    • In addition, the mixing process creates a homogenous material with consistent, superior physical properties that, unlike inferior skived PTFE sheet gaskets, do not fluctuate from one side of the sheet to another.
    • Plus, Garlock’s patented thermal bonding process allows us to fabricate a Gylon gasket to nearly any size.

    What are Gylon’s® benefits?

    • Designed for severe chemical service, Gylon® gaskets are color-coded for easy identification.
    • They provide superior sealability to reduce process and media loss and fugitive emissions.
    • Creep and cold flow characteristics are also reduced in temperatures ranging from -268 to +260°C
    • They can operate in a pressure range of between 55 and 82 BAR.

    Why buy Gylon® from us?

    • We stock and convert Gylon gaskets and seals from one of the largest stocks held in the UK.
    • Our experience of the Gylon range of materials is vast and our aggressive centreing out pricing policy means you can be rest assured you will get the highest quality products at attractive prices.
    • Plus, all our range is supplied in accordance with our ISO9001:2015 quality system, which means you get the right product, at the right price, at the right time.

    Gylon® Styles

    Fawn Gylon 3500 Gaskets

    Fawn Gylon® 3500 Gaskets

    Meeting FDA, ABS and USDA specifications, this Fawn Gylon with Silica can be used with Strong acids (except hydrofluoric), steam, solvents, hydrocarbons, chlorine and cryogenics.

    Brick Red Gylon 3501 Gaskets

    Brick Red Gylon® 3501 Gaskets

    Manufactured in Europe, this grade is suitable for use with Strong acids (except hydrofluoric), steam, solvents, hydrocarbons, chlorine and cryogenics. It meets BAM, FDA, KTW, and TA-Luft specifications.

    Blue Gylon 3504 Gaskets

    Blue Gylon® 3504 Gaskets

    Arguably the best known material in the Gylon range, this PTFE with Aluminosilicate microspheres meets FDA specifications and is suitable for use with acids, some caustics, refrigerants and cryogenics.

    Gylon 3510 gaskets

    Gylon® 3510 Gaskets

    This PTFE with barium sulphate is resistant to strong caustics, moderate acids, chlorine, gases, water, steam, cryogenics, hydrocarbons and
    aluminium fluoride.

    Gylon 3540 Gaskets

    Gylon® 3540 Gaskets

    This FDA compliant, PTFE gasketing material is designed to compress and conform to irregular or damaged surface. This makes it suitable for flanges that generate lower stresses, such as lined flanges and equipment.

    Gylon 3545 Gaskets

    Gylon® 3545 Gaskets

    This is a micro-cellular PTFE, but with a rigid PTFE core for improved handling. It is suitable for glass-lined, or damaged flanges, as it will conform under much lower pressures. It meets the following specifications: ABS, FDA 21 CFR 177.1550

    Gylon 3565 Envelon Gaskets

    Gylon® 3565 Envelon Gaskets

    Garlock Envelon™ is a high performance, aluminosilicate microsphere filled PTFE gasketing material which is designed to compress and conform to irregular surfaces, giving it a tight seal on glass-lined and wavy flanges.

    Blue Gylon 3504 Gaskets

    Gylon® Welded Gaskets

    We also offer Garlocks’ patented Gylon® thermal bonding process which allows us to manufacture and supply very large gaskets without dovetailed joints, for excellent chemical resistance and sealing performance. Available on 3500, 3504 and 3510.

    Special Order Range

    Gylon Bio-Line
    Gylon® Bio-Line® range of gaskets for the pharmaceutical and food processing industries

    The following products complement the main Gylon® range and are available to special order subject to minimum order quantities.

    Gylon Bio-Pro Gaskets

    Gylon® Bio-Pro Gaskets

    Gylon Bio-Pro® gaskets are part of the Bio-Line® range of seals particularly designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries where down-time is not an option. They provide a durable and safe solution for protecting the integrity of food and pharmaceutical processing media. Their modified and restructured PTFE material is pre-formed and stress controlled for all standard TRI-CLAMP connections.

    Gylon 3505 Gaskets

    Gylon® 3505 gaskets

    Gylon® 3505 gaskets are made from a high performance, aluminosilicate microsphere filled PTFE gasketing material that is designed for use in oxygen service. Gylon® 3505 is also NSF 61-approved for use in potable water service, and an excellent choice for water lines where electrical isolation properties are necessary. Meets NSF 61, FDA, and USP Class VI specifications

    Gylon 3560 Gaskets

    Gylon® 3560 Gaskets

    Style HP 3560 is a silica filled, high performance, PTFE gasketing material that has a perforated 316L stainless steel insert for improved pressure resistance (It can withstand up to 2,500 PSI).

    Suitable for use with.

    Solvents, Hydrocarbons, Water, Steam, Chlorine, Cryogenics

    Gylon 3561 Gaskets

    GYLON® 3561 Gaskets

    Style HP 3561 is a barium sulfate filled, high performance, PTFE gasketing material that has a perforated 316L stainless steel insert for improved pressure resistance (can withstand up to 2,500 PSI).

    Commonly used with the following.

    Caustics, Chlorine, Gases, Water, Steam, Hydrocarbons, Cryogenics, Aluminum fluoride

    Introducing the Gylon Epix® Range of Materials – PTFE Gaskets’ Next Generation

    Gylon Epix Range

    GYLON EPIX® is a recently developed family of PTFE gaskets. It is produced using a patented, profiled surface based on our proven Fawn, Off-White, and Blue GYLON® to create highly conformable materials for optimum sealing performance.

    GYLON EPIX® will provide superior functional performance by combining the traditional attributes of GYLON® with an innovative surface design. It offers a wider range of applications than traditional PTFE gaskets, that are used in worn and pitted flanges. Additionally, GYLON EPIX® provides the tight sealing and load retention properties of 1/16” (1.6mm) and the conformability of 1/8” (3.2mm).

    The hexagonal profile provides improved compressibility and recovery, and the profiled surface reduces the contact area during initial compression, to concentrate the compressive force of the flange, for improved sealing.

    Designed for increased compressibility, GYLON EPIX® improves performance in misaligned flanges. The consolidation of two thicknesses to one reduces the need to stock multiple thicknesses. Therefore, with an improved design, color-coded materials, and single thickness, GYLON EPIX® makes sealing easier.