Non-Asbestos Gaskets & Seals

If your application needs resistance to high temperatures, (Up to 400° C) or high pressures, (Up to 140 Bar), we supply Non-Asbestos gaskets in our full range of materials.

Asbestos gaskets were used in heavy industry, engines and pipelines, until public awareness of diseases linked to asbestos meant that manufacturers had to develop alternative materials for gaskets. The replacement materials they developed are made by compressing fibres, (aramid, inorganic or graphite) with a rubber binder, which is a lot safer than, the now banned, asbestos. They can also be referred to as fibre, CNAF or NAF gaskets.

The rubber binder is usually Nitrile, but there are variations if you need a different binder, like EPDM or SBR, for instance.

We make Non-Asbestos gaskets from our range of materials produced by the world’s leading sheeting manufacturers, including Garlock, Flexitallic, Klinger and Reinz. Unlike CAF (Compressed Asbestos Fibre), there are many different grades of Non-Asbestos gaskets. With our knowledge and familiarity with the materials, we can help you select the right grade for your application.

Our team are experienced at producing all types of Asbestos free gaskets in our gasket shop. We produce standard table gaskets daily, however if you need a bespoke seal making, we will work with your drawings or samples.

We often utilise our two, oscillating knife CAD/CAM cutting tables to produce the gaskets, because we can “Nest” a series of gaskets to achieve the best yield from the material.

Simply give us a call or fill in the enquiry form below and one of our experts will give you all the advice and guidance to meet your requirements.

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    All the Non-Asbestos gaskets that we manufacture are produced in accordance to our ISO9001:2015 quality standards.

    Below, we will give an overview on each grade’s main features. Temperature range, pressures and chemical resistance vary between the grades, but by clicking on the link, you can download a more comprehensive data sheet.

    Types of Non-Asbestos Gaskets

    Garlock Materials

    Garlock Multi-Swell 3760 Non-Asbestos Gaskets

    Multi-Swell™ 3760 Non-Asbestos Joints

    Comprising of synthetic fibres with a proprietary rubber binder. This unique style is suitable for use with water, oils and fuels and has a temperature range of -73 to +205° C.

    Garlock Blue-Gard 3000 Gaskets

    Blue-Gard® 3000

    Aramid fibres with a nitrile rubber binder, this BS7531 Grade Y material is ideal in applications involving water, aliphatic hydrocarbons, oils
    and gasoline, at temperatures between -73 to +205° C.

    Garlock Blue-Gard 3200

    Blue-Gard® 3200 Seals

    Aramid fibres with a SBR binder means this style is appropriate for use with water, saturated steam & inert gases. It’s operating temperature range is wide at -73 to +205° C with a maximum short term of +371° C.

    Garlock Blue-Gard 3300 Non-Asbestos

    Blue-Gard® 3300

    This grade consists of aramid fibres with a neoprene binder. Typical applications are water, saturated steam, refrigerants, oils and fuels. It’s temperature range is -73 to +205° C.

    Garlock Blue-gard 3400 Non-Asbestos

    Blue-Gard® 3400

    Aramid fibres with a SBR binder make Bluegard® Style 3400 suitable for use with water, saturated steam and inert gases. Its operating temperature range is -73 to +205° C.

    Garlock Blue-Gard 3700 Gaskets

    Blue-Gard® 3700 Gaskets

    Water, saturated steam, and mild chemicals are typical applications that this grade of aramid fibres with an EPDM binder is used for. It’s operating temperature range is broad at -73 to +205° C with a maximum short term of +371° C.

    Garlock IFG5500 Non-Asbestos Seals

    Garlock IFG® 5500 Seals

    This ABS Fire-Safe Type Approved grade comprises of inorganic fibres with a Nitrile binder. Its temperature range is -73 to +288° C. Applications include saturated steam, most refrigerants, water, oils, gasoline & aliphatic hydrocarbons

    Garlock 9900

    Garlock 9900 Joints

    Carbon Fibres with a NBR binder make this suitable for saturated steam, water, oils, inert gases, aliphatic hydrocarbons & fuel. The carbon fibres mean it has a wide temperature range of -75 to +343° C. It is also ABS Fire-Safe Type Approved.

    Garlock THERMa-Pur 4122

    Therma-Pur™ 4122 Gaskets

    Produced using an environmentally friendly solvent-free process and combining a unique formulation with a patent-pending fibre core. THERMa-PUR™ is capable of constantly operating at +1000° C. It is resistant to a broad range of chemicals.

    Garlock Style 9800

    Garlock Style 9800 Seals

    Carbon Fibres with a SBR binder in this high temperature grade mean it can operate at up to +288° C. It is typically used with water, saturated steam, and inert gases.

    Flexitallic Range of Non-Asbestos Gaskets

    Novus 10 Gaskets

    Based on carbon fibre with a high quality nitrile rubber binder system, this grade is suitable for use with oils, fuels and refrigerants. It complies with BS7531 Grade X, and is typically used up to +250° C. It is also API 607 Fire Safe amongst its approvals.

    Novus 30 Gaskets

    This BS7531 Grade Y, and WRAS approved grade, is a good quality compressed sheet material based on a blend of aramid and inorganic fibres with a nitrile binder. Typical service includes steam, oils and fuels, up to +225° C.

    Novus 34 Full Faced Gasket

    Novus 34 Gaskets

    This WRAS approved BS7531 Grade X material is based on a blend of aramid/ inorganic fibres and special additives, with high quality nitrile rubber binder system making it suitable for use with oils, solvents, and gases including oxygen up to +250° C.

    Novus 45 Gaskets

    Novus 45 Gaskets

    Manufactured from virgin fibres and recycled material, with a nitrile rubber binder, means this cost effective Non-Asbestos is suitable for medium duty applications, like oils, solvents, gases, water, and low pressure steam at temperatures up to +150° C.

    Novus 49 Gaskets

    Novus 49 Seals

    This WRAS, BAM and Grade X approved grade combines a high percentage of graphite, reinforced with aramid fibres and a rubber binder. Suitable for many applications, including oils, solvents and gases, including oxygen at temperatures up to +250° C.

    Greeneseal© Gaskets 

    Manufactured for us in the UK, by Flexitallic and based on a blend of aramid and inorganic fibre with a nitrile binder. Greeneseal© is a medium quality, cost effective non-asbestos gasket material. Suitable up to +150° C. See our data sheet for more details.

    Klinger Gasket Grades

    Klinger C4324 Gaskets

    Klinger C4324 Gaskets

    Complying with BS7531 Grade Y, this gasket material bound with NBR is based on a combination of synthetic high-tech fibres. It displays good chemical resistance against water and oil and has low gas leakage. Suitable up to +150° C continuous.

    Klinger C4400 Gaskets

    Klinger C4400 Seals

    Made with Aramid fibres bonded with NBR makes this grade resistant to many chemicals including oils, steam, gases, fuels, alcohols, organic and inorganic acids. It has a temperature range up to +150° C and +400° C in low pressure applications.

    Klinger C4430 Joints

    Klinger C4430 Joints

    Optimum combination of synthetic and
    glass fibres bonded with NBR makes this material resistant to steam and water at high temperatures (+250 – +400° C) as well as to oils and hydrocarbons. It complies with WRAS and BS7531 Grade AX.

    Klinger C6307 Gaskets

    Klinger C6307 Gaskets

    C6307 is a specialist controlled swell grade based on aramid fibres with a blend of NR and SBR binders. Specifically designed for automotive applications. With a temperature range from -100 to +150° C it is resistant to many refrigerants, oils and fuels.

    Reinz Materials

    Reinz AFM30 Gaskets

    Reinz AFM-30 Seals

    AFM-30 consists of aramid fibres and other asbestos substitutes bound together with high grade elastomers. Seals can be used continuously at +250° C. It is resistant to engine, transmission, hydraulic, and refrigerating oils, together with fuels.

    Reinz AFM-34 Gaskets

    Reinz AFM-34 Gaskets

    A blend of aramid fibres, inorganic fillers and
    other high temperature resistant substances. It complies with various standards including WRAS and FDA, It can be used with many different medias. (See the data sheet) up to +250° C continuous.

    The temperature ranges of the above grades are a guide and it is important that you check the full data sheet, or discuss your application with one of our experienced team, as you may be restricted depending on the pressure and media.

    We are happy to advise on any application, but final responsibility lies with the customer.