Metal Gaskets, Metallic & Semi-Metallic

Metallic and Semi-Metallic

Metal copper washersMetal gaskets are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, pressures and chemical exposure. Available in standard and custom configurations, these rugged metal gaskets are made of a wide range of materials to accommodate all types of process applications.

A semi-metallic gasket is a composite gasket, which consists of both non-metallic and metallic materials. The metal generally provides the strength and resilience of the gasket. These gasket types are suitable for both low and high temperature / pressure applications. A wide range of materials are available.

We supply and manufacture gaskets, joints and rings from materials including copper, mild and Stainless steel, brass, Monel, Soft Iron, Titanium, Carbon Steel, Nickel, Hastelloy, Inconel and Incoloy. We also offer machined metal components.

Our facilities enable us to manufacture metallic shims to suit your requirements. No matter how simple or complex the components and no matter the quantity required Munsch & Co/PTM supply all industry’s with metal shims for applications including Pump shim sets, gearbox packings etc.

A wide range of Taylor rings, washers and RTJ’s (Ring Type Joints) are also available from stock.

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    Metallic & Semi-Metallic

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    Spiral Wound Metallic gaskets

    Spiral Wound Gaskets
    Spiral wound gaskets are widely used in many industries to seal a vast array of media across a wide range of temperatures and pressures. The key to the gaskets versatility is the inherently resilient sealing element.

    RTJ Metal Gaskets

    RTJ’s (Ring Type Joints)
    (RTJs) RTJs are designed to be used in high pressure applications and can be manufactured from a number of materials to suit the process media and the flange materials.

    Kammprofile Metal Gaskets
    Kammprofile gaskets are used in many older seals since they have both a flexible nature and reliable performance. Kammprofiles work by having a solid corrugated core with a flexible covering layer.
    Metal Jacketed Gaskets
    The most basic type of semi-metallic gasket has a compressible insert enclosed within a metallic jacket. The insert material forces the metal to deform to suit the flange surface and effect a seal.
    Corrugated Metal Gaskets
    Maxigraph consists of a corrugated metallic core encapsulated by a graphite coating. It has been designed to seal on low load applications previously designed for Spiral Wound gaskets such as 150 and also 300lb lines.
    Machined Rings/Washers
    From a simple laser cut copper or stainless steel washer to a more complex CNC machined ring, we offer a wide range of solutions in materials ranging from mild steel to high temperature Inconel and Hastelloy. Please contact us with your requirement.
    Eyelet Metal gaskets
    Metal Eyelet/Tinplate Gaskets
    Eyelet gaskets offer protection against blowout. In addition to our range of PTFE envelope gaskets, we offer a range of metal eyelet and envelope gaskets in materials such as stainless steel, soft iron, copper, brass, Monel and titanium. Please contact us with your requirement.
    Dowty/Bonded Seals
    Our Bonded Seals (or Dowty Seals) consist of a rubber sealing element that is bonded to the inner wall of a metal washer. They are used in applications where high pressures demand greater sealing capacity than can be obtained with Copper washers.