Abrasion Resistant Materials

Abrasion Resistant Polyurethane

When it comes to the aggregates industry, abrasion resistant materials are crucial for longevity.

We supply a comprehensive range of abrasion resistant products including polyurethane in a range of options including sheeting, strips, roller and wheel covers, ducting, lined hoses, drive bands and belts and fully moulded or cast parts.

Our elastomer range includes various grades of shotblast rubbers together with Linatex™ and Linagard™.

Table Mats are manufactured in house together with screening mats for aggregate separation.

Our fabrications division make bespoke chute and hopper linings from our full range of abrasion resistant materials and with joints primarily being scarfed, they are at least three times stronger than traditional butt joints used commonly throughout the industry.

With particular emphasis on the quarrying industry, we carry a large range of different long-lasting materials.

Some of our rubber grades are flame retardant and anti-static meaning they are suitable for mining applications.

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