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Winter is still with us for a while yet, so it may be time to look at PVC Curtains to retain warmth and keep leaves and pests out of your warehouse.

We stock one of the widest ranges of PVC in the UK and our prices are extremely competitive.

Whether you need a hook-on, bolt-on or sliding system, we are able to help and can offer supply only or a nationwide installation service.

In addition to our standard clear PVC curtains range, we also offer coloured, Day-Glo, anti-insect, anti-microbial, Polar (Freezer grade), welding, and ribbed together with a wide range of PVC sheeting for larger projects.

anti-microbial PVC
  • Anti-Microbial PVC with Silver Ion Technology offers protection from bacteria including E-Coli, Salmonella and MRSA, as well as against microbes, mould and fungus.
  • All the benefits of our best-selling perforated PVC, with the enhanced power of antimicrobial technology.
  • Combined they are everything you need for industries such as food preparation, wet rooms and changing rooms.

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