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Where and why are O-Rings used?

Ever wonder how it’s possible that high pressured gases, scorching hot liquids or sub-freezing liquids don’t spill out of your car, dishwasher or spray gun? O-rings are the magic ingredient in making it all possible and safe. Where are O-Rings used? O-Rings are used in multiple places, gadgets and appliances.… Read more

Rubber IBC Seal

What Are Rubber Washers and How Are They Used?

Different grades of rubber are used to create rubber components essential for industrial use. The strength of the rubber will affect the quality of the products it produces. Bear in mind that rubber is a flexible material that you can manipulate to create different outcomes.  The quality of the moulded… Read more

Effective Uses Of Rubber Seals

Rubber seals find uses in numerous settings, thanks to the diverse compounds and properties of the material. One most common application of rubber seals is creating airtight spaces like the cap of a jar or your car door. If aircraft were not using rubber seals (strips) on their doorways, they… Read more

3 Rubber Gaskets

6 benefits of using gaskets

A gasket is a component that’s used to create a seal. The seal is positioned at the intersection of two linked surfaces. For instance, you might use a gasket to create a seal for pipe flanges. Gaskets are common in many different industries including gas and oil or food and… Read more

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Are we running out of rubber?

Natural rubber is used in many of the items and products we use daily. It’s predominantly used in car tyres, it’s also used in shoes, for seals, and for insulation, among other things. It’s easy to take the supply of rubber for granted, but when it starts to diminish and… Read more

How to restore damaged rubber seals

Rubber seals provide a seal between two mechanisms, providing an airtight seal for liquids and gases keeping them in place. However, things can sometimes go wrong, and these rubber seals can become damaged. A rubber seal has a shelf life, it can mean that you need to think about restoring… Read more

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How to Protect Your Seals

It is no secret that dust, and dirt have a habit of getting into all sorts of places. Both at home and work, you will see dust and dirt making their way across various surfaces. And when you shine light across any of those surfaces, you will easily see that… Read more