Metals Processing

Metals Processing

We know the cost implications that can be incurred when your manufacturing process is not running at full capacity, which is why our sealing products are designed for heavy duty use and reliability, which is an essential requirement within an industry where down-time is not an option.

Whether you are processing heated metals or simply looking for a solution to remove swarf, our range and experience in this field is vast.

Our range includes high temperature silicone door seals for furnaces, welding blankets, boiler door joints, welding screens and much more.

With all our products being supplied in accordance with ISO9001:2015 you can be assured of quality and traceabilty.

Metals Processing

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We manufacture PVC Curtains in-house and offer a range of options from static pedestrian curtains to sliding warehouse door curtains. Please click on the image to be taken to our PVC page where you will find an overview of our range.
Iso-Flate™ inflatable seals are manufactured in the UK and are designed to provide efficient hermetic sealing solutions providing protection against incursions by powders, granules, gases, liquids and dust.
As one of the World’s leading manufacturers of welding frames and PVC, exporting to 40+ countries; our Defender range of portable welding frames have become synonymous for both quality and durability.
With over 45 years experience hand fabricating our complete range of materials we are able to offer solutions to even the most diverse problems including high temperature fabrics.
Metal gaskets are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, pressures and chemical exposure. Available in standard and custom configurations, these rugged metal gaskets are made of a wide range of materials to accommodate all types of process applications.
Using only high quality UK and European manufacturers, our hose, ducting and tubing range is second to none. Our comprehensive range is used extensively throughout metal processing industries.
Compression packing’s or pump & gland seals are used under a range of conditions to seal a variety of fluids . They are used to contain water, acids, solvents, gases, oil, and other chemicals that are subjected to various temperatures and pressures.
Our choice of gasketing materials is extensive from soft cut to metallics. Many gaskets are produced using some of our 15,000 cutting formes, but for bespoke sizes we cut these using one of our state of the art oscillating knife, CAD/CAM cutting tables
Munsch/PTM manufacture and distribute a vast range of high temperature extreme heat resistant industrial textiles for use in a large range of applications  in industries across the UK, Europe and Worldwide.
We produce a wide variety of strips in our range of materials including Polyurethane, Rubber, Plastics and Sponge. We can also supply strips with slots or/and slits as required.

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