CNAF Gaskets/NAF (Non-Asbestos Fibre Gaskets)

NAF Gaskets, Greeneseal

NAF or CNAF Gaskets (Compressed Non-Asbestos Fibre) are used widely throughout a range of industries to seal flanges and joints. Asbestos used to be the material of choice for gaskets used in many industries including ships, boilers, refineries and engines. However, following health concerns, asbestos was finally banned in the… Read more

How do you make rubber mouldings?

Rubber mouldings are manufactured in a number of ways depending on the required quantity and the shape of the finished product. The 3 main methods of moulding are compression, transfer and injection. We will discuss these further, below. When a part cannot be produced from calendared rubber sheet, the rubber… Read more

Silicone Seals

Silicone Moulding

Why should you use Silicone Seals rather than other types of rubber? Silicone is unique when compared with other synthetic rubbers, in so much as its molecular chain doesn’t contain carbon. Instead it contains alternating atoms of silicon (SI) and oxygen. This combination is called polysiloxane. This unique feature contributes… Read more

Phone Line Down

Our main phone line is currently down. Due to a problem during the transfer to our new phone system, our main phone line, 01625 573971 is down. In the meantime please use one of the following numbers: Sales:01625 574230 01625 576974 01625 573977 PTM Direct:01625 574183 Accounts:01625 568022 Hopefully the… Read more

Workplace Safety & Screening Products

Stock update: Many screening products for employee and customer protection are now in stock and the website has been updated with current lead-times. Please click here: As people start returning to the workplace it is reassuring to know that there is a supplier of high-quality health and safety products at… Read more


MUNSCH/PTM LAUNCHES NEW ANTI-BAC AND ANTI-MICRO RANGES OF PVC. With the ongoing pandemic, Covid 19 causing massive problems around the world, we are pleased to announce our range of ANTI-BAC and ANT-MICRO PVC. These products have been tested against various viruses including MRSA, E-Coli, Pneumonia and SARS and have shown that they prevent growth… Read more

Covid 19 Update

This is an update to our previous announcement from 23/03/2020 As the Government and Public Health England’s advice change in the rapidly developing situation, we too need to adjust to a) meet demand in key industries like food production, pharmaceutical supply plus the other critical, essential areas we manufacture into… Read more