How Does a Rubber Gasket Work?

Rubber Gaskets

In mechanical systems, gaskets act as seals between two surfaces to prevent leakage. While a gasket is typically used to create a seal between stationary surfaces like pipe flanges, it can also protect the moving parts of a mechanical system from rubbing against each other and producing friction.  We are… Read more

How is Rubber made

rubber tyre

When you think of rubber, you probably think of so many different things. From rubber gaskets to tyres, or even the little rubber on top of your pencil. In fact, this material finds its way into thousands upon thousands of different products. Rubber has been used for over 1,000 years… Read more

Website goes live!

After 14 months hard work our new website goes live. Initially conceived in early 2017, we decided that, in conjunction with our web designers, Social Ocean, we would create a new site combining both PTM and Munsch and Co. Originally we were going to split the product range between the… Read more



With over 45 years experience hand fabricating our complete range of materials we are able to offer solutions to even the most diverse problems. We regularly supply bonded or dovetailed segmented gaskets cut on our CAD/CAM tables. We manufacture this way when we are limited by the size of materials,… Read more

IT Upgrade

Munsch/PTM are part way through their IT upgrade. Now the VOIP phones are all live and integrated with the CRM and accounts software it was time to start upgrading the IT Infrastructure. Over 50% of the networked PC’s now have fast Samsung SSD drives with full backups being written to… Read more

25/35° Sh. A Blue Metal Detectable Silicone

Two of our latest innovations are 25° Sh A and 35° Sh A Blue Metal Detectable FDA/EC:1935 Compliant Silicone. These are extremely soft materials used most commonly to make an effective seal at very low bolt loads. As well as moulding finished products, we also manufacture a range of sheets… Read more